Welcome to Institute for Narrative Therapy & Community Practice


Institute of Narrative Therapy and Community Practice (I.N.T.) is an organization that provides psychological support, counseling and therapy to adults, children, adolescents and families, either individually or in groups. It also provides counseling and support to families and children / adolescents with disabilities / special needs as well as schools and teachers. It also provides support and coaching in professional settings and in organizations and companies.

The INT also has educational activities in the field of psychotherapy. It aims to promote education in Narrative Therapy / Community Practice and to utilize its practices in therapy, community practice and school. It organizes seminars, supports in Greece and Cyprus the training in Narrative Therapy of the Dulwich Center of Australia (the educational center that internationally recommended this psychotherapy and community practice). The training in Narrative Therapy provided is recognized as part of the Masters in Narrative Therapy & Community Practice at the University of Melbourne.

INT still has research activity. It collaborates with Universities of Greece and abroad for research in psychotherapy, counseling, school and community practice. It has supported the research on parent support and collaboration teams, in collaboration with AUTH. It is a partner in the SHELDON European Program for the Support of Teenagers with Learning Disabilities and Behavioral / Emotional Disabilities and has established a support program for these students in schools.