Professional Coaching


INT has provided coaching services through its collaboration with Ergonomia Company and the Thessaloniki Chamber of Tradesmen.


Life Coaching in Business

Various companies offer their employees and employees the opportunity to meet with experts who offer support in managing their personal and / or professional life issues. Life Coaching services are offered in a protected workplace and are free of charge for employees who volunteer. The psychologist is bound by his confidentiality ethics and does not transfer information from his meetings to the company or elsewhere.

People often face difficulties or issues that affect their personal and professional lives during their lives. Managing health problems, transitions to new life situations, relationship issues, issues with children, financial pressures, communication issues can affect their sense of well-being and their professional performance. Business life coaching enables employees to receive support to better manage their life’s difficulties before they affect other areas of their lives. It also enables people to pursue their personal goals more effectively.

Life coach visits the company / organization on a regular, known basis and the employees make an appointment with him / her to discuss.

Life coaching proposed by INT empowers people to find solutions to their difficulties and move on to their preferred life directions, using and developing their knowledge, skills and life values.


Professional Coaching

for executives and organizations / businesses

  • Professional coaching is a process in which a consultant helps the professional or the whole business to exploit their existing skills and overcome difficulties in order to bring about meaningful and sustainable changes in their business and business
  • Professional coaching is not psychotherapy. It does not aim to ‘fix’ the customer-consultant’s problems but it confronts him as a qualified person and a creative, change-maker. Coaching is future-oriented.
  • Chronic difficulties, crisis situations, new challenges and decisions can therefore, be the subject of professional coaching and help professionals, businesses and organizations increase their effectiveness and form and achieve their goals.


Coaching Seminars

For professionals, executives and organizations / businesses

  • Seminars for professionals, executives and organizations aim to help participants discover their own potential and exploit the most of it as they progress to new fields. They do not start with preconceived ideas for good practices but aim to mobilize the qualifications that participants already have. So, they are seminars focused on solutions.
  • The methodology is experiential, it utilizes the experience and the profound participation of the members of the seminar and has as a key tool the dialogue. The process is creative and motivating.


Some of the topics-titles of the seminars are the following

  •  “Response to crisis”
  • “Turning on my LEADING CAPACITY within myself and my team”
  • “EFFECTIVE SALES: My SELF AS A Success Factor”