Psychotherapy and Counseling

For adults, children, couples and family



Narrative counseling and psychotherapy is a non-disruptive practice that aims to respect people, their diversity and their particular values.

Individual counseling and psychotherapy at INT supports people to:

– to separate himself from the problems

– lean on his knowledge, skills and values ​​and develop them to overcome the difficulties of life.

– exploit its potential to move toward its life preferences

– connect with the significant people of his life

– to clarify his goals, values ​​and pursuits in life as well as appropriate ways to pursue them better

The support of children and adolescents at INT is a practice that is done in ways that are fun, creative and empowering to help children stay responsible and happy in life. It helps connect children with their families and significant people in their lives.

The family counseling and support at INT respects the effort and anxiety of parents and their dreams for their children as well as the talk, view and needs of their children. It seeks a new contact with family members with their desires and aspirations for life. It recognizes both their difficulties through life and their strengths and knowledge that may remain unrecognized. It therefore supports finding solutions to problems that respect the particularities of family members and use their strengths.

The Couple counseling at INT helps couple members get to know each other in a new way that respects their story, their needs, and their pursuits in life. Issues of communication, sexuality, managing issues with children or the extended family, financial issues, time management issues, conflicts can be resolved or destroyed with respect for one another.

Counseling in groups

Group counseling supports stakeholders to connect with their abilities, to find themselves in a supportive environment that will help them to separate themselves from the problems and at the same time to connect their lives with other people’s lives while maintaining their diversity and their independence.