On this page you can learn about the knowledge of the people who are facing difficulties in dealing with various situations of life. You will find recordings of the views of people who are internally knowledgeable about how problems appear in these situations but also about the ways in which they find themselves coping with them and taking steps in the directions they want in life. These recordings were made with the help of practitioners of narrative counseling and community practice. We hope / believe you will find them interesting.

These are real experiences of real people living things from the inside. You may find this information useful as they come from the field of life itself, from the people who live things from within.

Even more, maybe you can also discuss them with other people, in addition to reading them. Try discussing them not in a critical way. In any case, the recordings do not pretend to be possessed of some general truth but only to possess a local knowledge, special to the particular people who contributed to it. But you may find that some of the ideas you read are related to yourself and may even make you think in new ways about your own situations. We hope that reading this kind of recordings alone or with other people can be helpful.

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