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Greek articles

Foreign articles

  • Rooftop dreams:  Steps during a rite of passage from a life dominated by the effects of drugs and abuse to a ‘safe and full of care’ life. By Daniil Danilopoulos
  • VIDEO: Out-of-the-box-conversations: an invitation to co-explore the broader politics of problems and reconstruct preferred ways of being in responding to stories of drug use and racism. By Kassandra Pedersn.
  • When the crisis broke out: A project honouring Greek people’s skills of re-claiming their lives from the troubling effects of the recent financial crisis. By Margarita Katsikadelis
  • Stories of the body: Case studies working with various body ‘issues’. By Eleni Karageorgiou
  • Finding Refuge: Paper about what sustains interpreters who have previously been refugees and who are now working with refugees. By Aliki Meimaridou
  • Fascinating racism in the age of the Greek crisis: Intention to address the problem of racism and its multiple effects in our local community. By Georgia Korre
  • VIDEO: Feminism, narrative therapy and Intersectionality. See in this site among other narrative practitioners Kassandra Pedersen from Greece and Nihaya Abu-Rayyan’s interview by Kassandra Pedersen