Folk School of Psychology

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Action: Citizen Education in the Social Sciences




IMG_1655 - CopyThe Program is organized by the Institute of Narrative Therapy & Community Practice of Greece (INT) and the Romanian Psiterra Institute in collaboration with the superior Professor of Psychology Mr. Ovidiou Gavrilovici. The program is part of the joint action of INT and Psiterra on “Citizen Education in the Social Sciences”.

The program has a dual purpose:

  1. The education of citizens in psychology and the critical dissemination of psychological knowledge
  2. The critical and experiential processing of psychological knowledge by trainees

The Folk School of Psychology is thus “popular” in two ways: a) it disseminates critical knowledge and ideas that may have been the prerogative of the “experts” b) it highlights the critical evaluation capability and the experiential knowledge that “simple citizens” have for life and psychology topics.

The “Folk School of Psychology” addresses the general public and not necessarily to mental health professionals (without excluding them, of course).

Finally, the program remains folk, as it incorporates an evaluation element by the trainees themselves. The evaluation is done in collaboration with the Psittera Institute and the Professor of Psychology Mr. Ovidiu Gavrilovici.

Also, its cost remains low, so that it can be attended by people of various financial abilities.

During the program, trainees are provided with courses and experiential seminars, which are announced at the beginning of autumn and early spring period.