ZOOM event: A Narrative Walk with Nora Bateson. In conversation on her new book “Combining”

ZOOM event

A Narrative Walk with Nora Bateson. In conversation on her new book “Combining



A conversation with

Nora Bateson

Independent award-winning film-maker, writer, policy adviser and lecturer.
President of the Stockholm-based International Bateson Institute (IBI)


Organized by:

The Institute of Narrative Therapy & Community Work in Greece

and hosted by Yannis Angelis


Monday 11 th March, 

18:00 – 20:00 CET (19:00-21:00 Athens time)



It isn’t easy to find the proper words to speak about the beauty, the deeply rewarding wisdom, and all the gifts that spring from Nora Bateson’s new book as it has started its soul-stretching journey to the world.

Every single corner in her book, even if you visit numerous times, offers a new reflection, feeling, discovery, and awe. It feels like holding an open book that keeps you constantly exhilarated and it will never end and close. Along with the bewitching pieces of art that cuddle inside, it invites us to a deeper pure form of rest and slowing down, to also appreciate the calming intimacy of not- knowing, and at the same time gently spiking us to re-appear in full presence and relationship.

A strong full-hearted recommendation for anyone bold who is eager to get themselves on a journey in a “no-path”, which is continuously formed and in-formed by your own learnings as you walk on it.

The event invites a celebration relief, it will be honored by the presence of various artists and it will gift the participants with illuminating pieces of art, poetry, stories, music, theory, and of course it will include reading snippets from the book. As Nora says it in her own words “… reading aloud is an act of love, so tangible and resonant with the hum of life.”

It will be held via ZOOM and the link will be sent some hours before the event to the email you used for your registration.


Watch Nora reading one of her most beautiful poems included in her new book:



Nora Bateson is an independent award-winning film-maker, writer, policy adviser and lecturer. She is the daughter of Gregory Bateson, and grand-daughter of William Bateson and is president of the Stockholm-based International Bateson Institute (IBI) – a research group that specializes in transcontextual research into human and other living systems.

Nora made the award-winning film An Ecology of Mind, which explores Gregory Bateson’s theoretical work while offering insights into her relationship with her father. Nora’s first published work was a cookbook and her interest in food, ecology and the family – as well as systems thinking and symmathesy – are very evident in her beautiful 2016 book Small Arcs of Larger Circles”.

Nora Bateson’s theoretical style combines complex systems theory and analysis with an all-round awareness of, and attention to, the aesthetic. She continues to explore a wide range of disparate topics such as education, communication, and cybernetics through the lens of Warm Data. This aspect of her work is exemplified in her latest book Combining.

Memberships and awards: Chairman International Bateson Institute, Associate of The Taos Institute, Board Member: Human Systems Journal of Systemic Practice, Tällberg Foundation, Fellow of Lindisfarne Foundation, Bateson Idea Group (BIG), Club of Rome, Great Transition Foundation, Human Potential Foundation, Awards: Sustainable Thompkins Ecology Award, Winner Spokane Film Festival, Winner Santa Cruz Film Festival, Media Ecology Award.



Yannis Angelis is a Narrative Therapist, Storytelling Educator, Artist,andCertified Trainer for Nora Bateson’s “Warm Data Labs”. He has co-authored the books “Beyond Storytelling” and “Transforming Organizations”, on how to use narrative approaches in education, community building, and organizational transformation.

Yannismade an e-learning curriculum on Storytelling for the German “Green” University of Applied Sciences Weihenstephan-Triesdorf and he teaches narrative theory and practices to the leaders of “GIZ”, a federal agency of the German Ministry of Development supporting the achievement of its goals in the field of international cooperation for sustainable “green” development.

He is the co-initiator and co-organizer of three world conferences on Narrative and Community Practice. In December 2022, his project “Climate Parliament. Narratives of the non-human”, which highlights the “climate-related” stories of the non-human beings and things, was included in the program of the 8th Biennale of Contemporary Artin Thessaloniki and became its most participatory event.


Some useful information for your online participation: 

a) Please make sure that you have downloaded the latest version of ZOOM.

b) Try to secure and join from a place where you have a good internet signal and sufficient bandwidth.

c) Check in your computer/laptop/tablet/phone that the camera, microphone, and connected or integrated speakers are working well and test all of them in advance.

d) Plan to come having cared for your needs. Bring something to drink or eat if you like. Close all programs/apps/windows on your PC/laptop, including your browser. It’s very useful to turn off notifications, alarms, cell phone ringers, and any other distractions. This is our precious time to be online together, to connect, and listen to one of the most renowned voices of this challenging era, the one of Nora Bateson.


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