Online workshop: Photography and Narrative Therapy with Poh Lin Lee & Grace Gelder

        Narrative Walks


The Institute for Narrative Therapy and Community Work in Greece, in the context of its social response in a difficult period for each of us personally and also for our society, decided to organize a series of interactive online workshops, lectures, and discussions under the title “Narrative Walks”.

Narrative Walks will try to focus mainly on hot topics that can be addressed through the perspective of a narrative approach in the field of psychotherapy, community practice, organizations, and social responsibility.

We start with the idea that Narrative Walks are short in duration (usually half a day), host excellent professionals in their field from all over the world, are offered regularly with an affordable financial contribution, and will inspire, challenge, and create a field of constructive discussion and learning.


In the context of INT’s Narrative Walks


Interactive Online workshop



Photography and Narrative Therapy 



Poh Lin Lee

a Malaysian Chinese Australian social worker, narrative therapist, co-researcher of trauma, writer, teacher, film protagonist and creative consultant


Grace Gelder

a photographer, arts educator and PhD candidate based in the UK.



Saturday 24th of April 2021, 

16:00 PM TO 20:00 PM

(Athens Greece Time)


Organized by:

the Institute of Narrative Therapy & Community Work – Greece


For information:,

6977-186936, 6955-103581,


FEES (via web)

– Until Wednesday 21st of April: 45€ 

– After Wednesday 21st of April: 65€   

For information about the payment method check below (C2)


The event will be held via ZOOM. Look at the instructions below (C3). Connection link will be given to you the day before the online workshop.


See below:

    1. Time
    2. Fees
    3. How to connect for the seminar- workshop
    4. Certification




This workshop offers a personal exploration of three themes circling us both at the beginning of the year and in the global context of crisis and chaos. Narrative questions to invite us to articulate moments in our current lives and photography to transform experience into imagery from our living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens – shared or alone.


We will invite you (as a group) to witness people’s sharing in story and discussion (no images will be shared during the workshop) to appreciate and attend to diverse experiences spanning: culture, language, legacy, place, age, unique current circumstances. You will have time in the workshop to complete different creative invitations under the guidance and support of the facilitators. At the conclusion of the workshop people’s preferred personal photographs and significant stories/expressions will be formed into a collective document and sent to all workshop participants.


This workshop is not based on experience, expertise or ability. In the spirit of inclusivity all of you (including the many hats you wear) is invited to show up and participate.


What you need to bring:


Something to write/draw with

Camera or phone with camera


Furthermore,  during the workshop the participants will be invited to take photos. It is the participant’s responsibility to select images that they feel comfortable to be shared with facilitators, participants and the Institute of Narrative Therapy and Community practice, who may share at their discretion with the wider public. The facilitators will put all images submitted (with the participant’s preferred name clearly marked) into a collective sketches document.

The intention of the shared document is to visually map the workshop journey, offer a space for people’s images to be witnessed and the chance to witness the work produced in this collective space.

In order to participate in this please, sign the following document, attach and send it to

Consent for Collective Photo Sketches Document


What people say…

Thank you for last night’s workshop. I can’t believe how thought provoking and gently, deeply authentic the whole process is. You hold the space with such poise and humanity and it’s seriously the loveliest zoom experience I have had this whole pandemic.”

I really enjoyed the experience of thinking and feeling with other media than words.”

“Got some fresh creative juices going for me. Encouraged me to pick up my camera for short bursts without it needing to be too cerebral with what the outcome is. Short burst exercises are quite liberating to be able to do small projects that take five minutes! Thank you!”




Poh Lin Lee

Poh is a Malaysian Chinese Australian social worker who brings together a thoughtful and intricate practice based on her experience and knowledge as a narrative therapist, co-researcher of trauma, writer, teacher, film protagonist and creative consultant.


Grace Gelder

Grace is a photographer, arts educator and PhD candidate based in the UK. Her personal work explores themes that include heritage, hidden stories and performativity. Her facilitation work explores the use of photography in an arts and health context, often blending photography with other disciplines. Grace’s practice continually seeks to redefine the relational space between herself as photographer and those who are in front of the camera highlighting the ways in which process influences and shapes not only the images produced but people’s personal authorship and relation to their image.




c1. Time 

Saturday 24th of April 2021,



c2. Fees

– Until Wednesday 21st of April: 45€ 

– After Wednesday 21st of April: 65€   

Please deposit the respective registration fee to the IBAN GR54 0172 2280 0052 2806 9522 814 in Piraeus Bank (Greece)[Owner of the bank account is Institute for Narrative Therapy (Greece)]

Your place is reserved once you have paid.
After registering, please send an email to with:

  • a screenshot of the confirmation of your payment
  • your full name, profession, place of living, and a phone number just in case of urgent communication.

Once we receive your email we will reply confirming your attendance at the online workshop.

You can also pay via PayPal using the same email (


c3. How to connect for the seminar- workshop


a)Please make sure that you have downloaded the latest version of zoom from here:

b)Try to secure and join from a place where you have a good internet signal and sufficient bandwidth.

c)Use a laptop or computer if you can, because there are some features that do not work well or not at all if you are using an i-pad or your smartphone.

d)Check in your computer that the camera, microphone, and connected or integrated speakers are working well and test all of them in advance as they are necessary for the interactivity that we are inviting during the workshop.

e)Ensure you have good light conditions in the room from which you will connect, and you may want to avoid having a window behind you. Headphones could help prevent background noise.

You are invited to join 15 minutes prior to the official start of the meeting so that we make sure that everything works well technically.

Plan to come having cared for your needs. Bring something to drink or eat if you like. Close all programs/apps/windows on your PC/laptop, including your browser. It’s very useful to turn off notifications, alarms, cell phone ringers, and any other distractions. This is our precious time to be online together, to connect, share, listen to each other, and learn from and with each other.

You will get the ZOOM link the day before the workshop takes place.


c4. Certification

All participants will be given a CERTIFICATE.