Web event: Freedman & Combs for Social Justice and Therapy / Community Practice

Narrative Walks

The Institute for Narrative Therapy and Community Work in Greece, in the context of its social response in a difficult period for each of us personally and also for our society, decided to organize a series of interactive online workshops, lectures, and discussions under the title “Narrative Walks”.

Narrative Walks will try to focus mainly on hot topics that can be addressed through the perspective of a narrative approach in the field of psychotherapy, community practice, organizations, and social fields.

We start with the idea that Narrative Walks are short in duration (usually half a day), host excellent professionals in their field from all over the world, are offered regularly with an affordable financial contribution, and will inspire, challenge, and create a field of constructive discussion and learning.


In the context of INT’s Narrative Walks

Online workshop





Social justice in Therapy and Community Work


with the

American narrative therapists, trainers and supervisors

of Evanston Family Therapy Center

Jill Freedman, MSW, ACSW

& Gene Combs, MD

clinical professors at the University of Melbourne

and the University of Chicago

Saturday 12th December 2020, 4.30 p.m. – 9.30 p.m. (Athens Greece Time)


Organized by:

the Institute of Narrative Therapy & Community Work – Greece


For information: www.narrativetherapy.gr,

6977-186936, 6955-103581, narrativetherapygr@gmail.com


FEES (via web)
– 70 € (subscription until Wednesday 9th December),
– 80 € (subscription after Wednesday 9th December)
For information about the payment method check below (C2)


The event will be held via ZOOM. Look at the instructions below (C3). Connection link will be given to you after payment and after you send us an e-mail (at narrativetherapygr@gmail.com), in which you inform us about your interest in the event.


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    1. Time
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Jill and Gene will draw on their most recent book chapter, “Individuals in Competition or Communities in Connection? Narrative therapy in the era of neoliberalism”, to reflect with participants on how current “mental health” discourse prevents us from dealing with the wider reasons for distress in the lives of individuals, families, and communities.

The current pandemic is demonstrating the failures of our public health systems and welfare networks as it reminds us that many of the most essential members of society—shop assistants, food service workers, caregivers, delivery drivers—are the lowest paid. It becomes clearer every day how the exploitation of our environment and the extraction of too much too fast is burning up our planet. The terror, hopelessness, and insecurity caused by greed, environmental destruction, and the effects of systemic racism are often treated as individual medical problems, rather than hallmarks of injustice.

Workshop participants will explore through grounded examples, exercises, and discussions how narrative therapy and its associated worldview can contribute to a sense of community and interdependence, bringing a more just and sustainable life for ourselves, our families, our communities, and our planet.



Jill Freedman MSW, ACSW & Gene Combs, MD are co-directors of the Evanston Family Therapy Center, where they offer workshops, supervision and counseling in all aspects of narrative therapy. They work therapeutically in the Chicago area and have also provided counseling and supervision services to various schools and social services.

They have studied under the guidance of Michael White and David Epston for many years and have taught and written about narrative therapy for over 30 years.

They have co-authored 3 books and the first complete textbook of narrative therapy: Symbol, story and ceremony: Using metaphor in individual and family therapyNarrative therapy: The social construction of preferred realitiesNarrative therapy with couples… and more!

They received the 2009 Award for Innovative Contribution to Family Therapy from the American Family Therapy Academy (AFTA) and were awarded Honorary Partners by the Taos Institute in 2010.

Jill is on the international faculty of the Dulwich Centre and teaches in the low-residency Master’s program in narrative therapy and community work offered by Dulwich Centre and the University of Melbourne.

Gene, recently retired from his position as clinical associate professor at University of Chicago, serves as a board member for the American Family Therapy Academy. Jill and Gene teach internationally and their workshops are valued by both new and experienced clinicians for the warm and down-to-earth manner in which they expand therapeutic vision and skills.




c1. Time 

Seminar- workshop via web,

Saturday 12th December 2020, 4.30 p.m. – 9.30 p.m. (Athens Greece Time)



c2. Fees

– 70 € (subscription until Wednesday 9th December),

– 80 € (subscription after Wednesday 9th December)


In order to subscribe, please send money to the

          IBAN GR54 0172 2280 0052 2806 9522 814 in Piraeus Bank (Greece)

[Owner of the bank account is Institute for Narrative Therapy (Greece)]


Please also send a confirmation e-mail with your

name, profession, place of living, telephone and e-mail in it.


c3. How to connect for the seminar- workshop

  1. After paying for the seminar, you send us an e-mail(at narrativetherapygr@gmail.com), informing us of your registration
  2. Then, we send you the link, which will allow you to connect with us through the ZOOM platform.
  3. Download “Zoom client for meetings”from this link. It will take you a few seconds but please don’t leave it to the last minute: https://zoom.us/download
  4. 15 minutes before the start of the seminar, check the e-mail we have sent you, click the special linkand you will be automatically connected to ZOOM. We connect 15 minutes before the start time to make sure everything is working properly with your connection.


In order to have a good time, enjoy it and make the most of it from our online seminar, we recommend the following:
• a) The most important 
?: Make sure you are in a place where you have a good internet signal
• b) Use a laptop or computer if you can, because there are some features that do not work well if you are using an Ipad or your phone.
• b) Make sure your computer has a camera and microphone, as they are necessary for the interactive seminar
• c) Make sure you have good lighting in the room from which you will connect, without having a window behind you. Headphones can help prevent background noise


c4. Certification

All participants will be given a CERTIFICATE.